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I'm passionate about understanding how things work and crave the ability to build them myself. My time spent in manufacturing and product development has taught me a great deal in the way of what it takes to build a consumer product from the ground up.

I'm fascinated with hardware and am currently working to further develop my product development know-how by learning more about electronics and teaching myself PCB design. I'm absolutely enamored with the current state of software. We live in an exciting time where software is revolutionizing the world. Read more about that in breaking smart. Hence why I'm developing my software skills as well. (i.e. this website was built by yours truly alone from the ground up.)

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While engineering was my professional identity and passion for years, I’m also an entrepreneur at heart. This naturally led me in the direction of product management in the workplace. Next to being CEO of a company, I believe product management is really the sweet spot in a product centered organization. Having the authority to target new market segments through your own research and analysis is a lot of freedom in exchange for limited responsibility.

As more of a people person, I excelled in this role as I prefer to interact with customers rather than spend all of my time developing. And as a Product Manager, one must interact with all departments that the product touches and all customer types the product exchanges hands on. This means lots of interaction and good times.

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Gosh, I love food! I like all kinds of food. Only requirement is that it’s good food. However, an important note to point out is that good food need not be expensive food. Some of the best food experiences I’ve had were at cheap, ‘hole-in-the-wall’ places.

Food is certainly one of my passions. Not only because I enjoy the taste, but I’m often fascinated by the culture that comes along with each different cuisine. Being open to trying all walks of food really offers you more enjoyment and variety in life. I write about these foods from time to time. Check out the link below to read my food blog.

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“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece” - John Ruskin

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“The natural desire of good men is knowledge” - Leonardo Da Vinci

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“Experience is the teacher of all things.” - Julius Caesar


Co-Founder & CTO - HeadsUP!

I joined HeadsUP! in its early stages to help get the company off the ground. I contributed primarily to product development of the first two product prototypes, and also spent a significant amount of time developing the business and GTM strategies. Joining this company kicked me into the startup world and taught me a lot about building a business and much the of technical details involved in developing a Head-up Display.


PRODUCT MANAGER - Hunter Industries

Managing a product line is an exciting role. My entrepreneurial side really came to life in this position. Seeking new business opportunities and untapped markets is one of my passions and happened to be one of my core roles as PM. I thrive on interaction with others, so the customer facing side of this job suited me very well. The experience I gained in business development helped tremendously in developing strategy in the following role I held as a co-founder.


Mechanical Design Engineer - Hunter Industries

Developing products is undoubtedly one of my passions and this was the role I learned about product development. Under a great boss and mentors, I learned a lot in a short period about mechanical design, electronics packaging, plastics, injection molding design, product development processes, design for manufacturing, tolerance analysis, sustaining design, and the list continues. I worked specifically on small electronics products early on in this role and eventually into development of larger controller products.


Reliability Engineer - OPS a La Carte

Reliability is a fascinating science and isn’t used often enough (IMHO) in product development. I contributed to a number of projects as an associate engineer and learned a lot in the process about Accelerated Life Testing, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), and other reliability test methods. The skills I acquired here also helped me in several future roles as I implemented reliability practices wherever practical.


Process Engineer - Saint Gobain

I worked directly on the manufacturing processes of a wide variety of PVC and polyurethane foam products. The plant in which I held this position had recently received corporate orders to take on a sister-facilities products while the sister-facility closed down. This created a turbulent dynamic as products design for one facility’s equipment were expected to run in our facility. I worked diligently in analyzing issues with problematic products, creating new SOPs for rehabilitating products, and even piloting new R&D products.


“Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty” - Mark Twain


Master's - University of California, San Diego

MSME - Major Emphasis: Fluid Dynamics & Turbulence At UCSD I studied fluids while pursuing a master's degree. Despite the seemingly impossible understanding of this topic at first, turbulence ended up being one of the most interested areas of study and my emphasis for the exit exam I took. Southern California was an amazing place to move to, especially coming from Upstate New York.


Bachelor's - Syracuse University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering & B.A. Mathematics (dual degree): I really enjoyed my time at SU. Most people that went to SU might say the same, although a good portion of them would say so because of the epic parties they spent their undergraduate career roving to and fro. Unlike those fun people, I spent the majority of undergraduate career in the library. This is partially due to the fact that I decided to pursue a second major in Math at the beginning of my 2nd year, in addition to a minor in business management. Despite the resulting schedule, I still made time to develop some great life-long friendships and good times I’ll never forget.


“The first draft of anything is shit.” - Ernest Hemingway

Technical Projects. Drone, Computer Build, Baking Cakes.

All things technical interest me. I want to know how they work, how to build them, and how to make them better. This journal keeps tabs on my frustrations, discoveries, and highlights while working on things like a quadcopter drone and building a computer.

Quadcopter Drone Matt Lashinsky

Matt Lashinsky Photography Buildings New York City

Photography. I like snapping photos.

Have always been fascinated by way photographers can capture a completely unique perspective of a landscape, object, or person beyond what the average person can see with their own eyes. I aspire to eventually develop real photography skills. Check out a few of my best photos.

Foodie. I like food.

Strange thing is that I was a picky eater as a kid. Now I like just about everything. When I come across something real nice I take photos and write about why it was so fantastical. Check my food blog if you want to know of a few good spots.

Matt Lashinsky Foodie - Italian Pizza


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